Without a doubt the greatest cake storm trooper I’ve ever seen.

Without a doubt the greatest cake storm trooper I’ve ever seen.

The easiest way to please everyone? Layers!

The easiest way to please everyone? Layers!

You don’t see many Jabba the Hutt cakes.

This is impressive! Such great detail. He’s a great character to play around with in terms of cakes because of his big belly - more Jabba cakes!

Yoda is one of my favourites - great icing work!


Chris Wyman had a pretty awesome Star Wars wedding cake.

Pic from Rebel Scum.

I thought it would be rude to pass up the opportunity to share some impressive cake art a la Star Wars, it is May the Fourth after all!

New Blog: Sprinkle Bakes

I’ve recently stumbled upon Sprinkle Bakes and I just had to share her blog with you.

Coming from a history of fine art and painting, Heather’s creativity shines through her edible creations, with each cake a thing of pure beauty. I dream of the day when my icing is as perfect as hers! Not just inspirational in terms of decoration, she’s got some great hints and tips hidden throughout the blog and some really yummy recipes that you just can’t pass up trying, like this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.

Some of the recipes are quite ambitious, and for those of us who don’t have as much time for baking as we’d like, we can but dream of marshmallow ropes and Early Grey poppy seed tea cakes, if nothing else it’s just nice to while away an hour or two looking at the wonderful pictures.

If you’re really inspired, Heather has a Sprinkle Bakes book out, available online here.


Be my bloody Valentine cupcakes :)

One for the more cynical amongst you.

Red sponge cupcakes topped with heart biscuits.

x’s and o’s

x’s and o’s

You complete me. Cutes.